• — Marlene
    'This is a huge book! If you happen to be in quarantine, this is the book that will see you through ... A very well-written book that makes you think and question. One that will leave you suspended in this world, never knowing if what you believe is real or propaganda.'
    — Marlene
  • — Jesse (
    'McDermott’s ambitious, sprawling epic debut novel … begins by tearing into a dystopian world like a bat out of hell. Your only option is to grab a hold of something and come along for the ride.'
    — Jesse (
  • — Paul
    'Set in a dystopian future, the novel raises interesting questions surrounding the pitfalls of democracy and the place of religion in society — without taking a distinct stance on either side of the equation.'
    — Paul
  • — Colleen
    'Be aware: this book could easily be a prediction of future societal direction … The author gives us a dramatic view of how easily we could be led into following and voting in new ideas and fads that can lock us into a lifestyle of divisiveness and also fearful for our families and the future. This book is a must-read exciting thriller to the end.'
    — Colleen
  • — Kirkus Reviews
    'Debut author McDermott offers a sweeping dystopian novel about a repressive regime and those who rebel against it ... Readers will find themselves invested in what happens when the lives of the characters collide. A futuristic tale that’s heavy on worldbuilding but still races to its inevitably violent conclusion.'
    — Kirkus Reviews
  • — Cassie
    'A masterful plot … For much of the book I felt that the author was deliberately leaving the reader to ponder on the big questions. What place does faith and spirituality have in a modern society? What forms of government work best? What does it really mean to be free? What are the virtues and follies of our own modern society? I heard recently that great art doesn’t answer questions, it asks them.'
    — Cassie
  • — Charlotte
    'To me, this book is ultimately about the human experience … this is a dark world, a dangerous place. What happens when a people in and around a place like this are told they aren’t allowed to believe in anything? The result is inspiring … A beautiful story with a big heart.'
    — Charlotte
  • — Jennifer
    'I just wish it was less believable.'
    — Jennifer

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